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“A company to bring quality chemicals anywhere in the world”

Company Profile

MegPie Chemicals is a manufacturing company of intermediates and catalyst, since 1989 situated at Shaper industrial zone near Rajkot city (Gujarat-India) The company is managed by Three active directors namely Mr. Pradyuman patel and Mr. Kirti Patel

Detail of directors
Mr. Pradyuman Patel
(master of Science) (Sardar Patel University at Vallabh Vidyanagar ) Experience : 12 years process development activities and instrumental ,analytical Experience in leading pesticides & intermediates manufacturing company of India, they has developed two products out of his skill and experience at process development department of above company ,the new product have been approved by leading company of India

Mr. Kirti Patel
marketing management expert and look after marketing and commercial aspect.

Mr. Harsh Patel
marketing and technical aspect, a young and dynamic entrepreneur from pharmacy background ,a young pioneer leading the company forward through his extra ordinary marketing and management skills with innovative way of working..

The company has exclusive contract with leading exporter, manufacturing companies, which manufacturing various types of pigments and intermediates ,this has enable us to offer high quality products, to meets the all international regulatory requirements. The company manufacturing specialized quinine based derivatives and halogenations type reaction, highly qualified production and quality control staff, The manufacturing setup include, Glass line reaction reactor and s. s .reactors and all other utilities. The company has a separate research and process development department with pilot plant, enable us to develop and manufacture such new products, The company has it's oven primary effluent treatment plant and also follows the Local authority rules and environmental aspects, with quality of our products match international standards.